Micro Volunteering


We are increasing the ways that you can get involved! As well as our HOSmates Peer Support and more traditional volunteering, we would like to present our new way of volunteering, Micro Volunteering.


So what is Micro Volunteering?


We value every minute of time that you give to help us and our clients and we want to make sure that we recognise everything you do for us, regardless of how big or small.


Perhaps you want to volunteer but don’t always have time. With Micro Volunteering you can give your time whenever it suits you in short, bite sized chunks.


So what skill do you have that you could offer?:


  • You can use your enthusiasm to blog about, or fundraise for, our work
  • You can use your organisational skills to set up a quiz or home-baking sale
  • You have a talent or profession that you could share with our clients, like a one-off therapy session or haircut
  • You’re a dab hand with a paintbrush and could help to decorate a client’s home


These are just a few ideas, but the list is endless. If you have a skill or something you would like to do to help us or our clients, get in touch and join our Micro Volunteering community.


Keep an eye on our website and social media for stories and opportunities to get involved #MicroVolunteering


To find out more, share your idea about Micro Volunteering or to get involved, contact Fraser Gilmore at fraser@housingoptionsscotland.org.uk, call 0131 2471400 or fill in our contact form on our website here Contact Us


Remember micro-volunteering is so micro you don’t need to commit a lot of your time!