HOSmates peer support



Have you been through the process of trying to find the right house in the right place for yourself or someone you support? Do you want to share your valuable personal experiences with people going through the same thing? Then why not become a HOSmate Peer Support volunteer?

Our dedicated team of HOSmates have been supporting individuals and groups for over five years. Each HOSmate gets full training and the opportunity to use their experiences of housing to help others. This can be anything from face-to-face meetings with disabled people, to speaking to groups of disabled people and/or professionals.

You give as much, or as little, time as you wish.  Any time you can give will be gratefully received by us and the people you speak to.


Here are some comments from our volunteers:

My needs being heard and understood, and an understanding that issues around where you live don’t only involve a roof over someone’s head are some of the many reasons I’d recommend Housing Options Scotland and why I am happy to be a HOS mate

Antonia Palmer

I enjoy being part of something I believe will make a life-changing difference, which will enable people to reach their true potential and live a fulfilling life


Seven years ago, HOS helped me and my daughter who has Aspergers Syndrome find a flat, suitable for her and near my flat.  It has been a very positive experience for both of us and it has been the making of my daughter.  I am very happy to share this experience with other parents who are helping their son or daughter to gain independence