In this section you will find leaflets from Housing Options Scotland about the home buying process, benefits and many other leaflets that you might find useful. At the bottom of this section you will also find useful leaflets from other organisations.  If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we will be happy to advise you in any way we can.


What do Housing Options Scotland do and how can you help me?

HOS basic information leaflet 2018


What are the main costs and sources of help for homeownership?

Thinking about buying a home 2018 PDF


How can I, as a disabled person, use benefits to buy property more suited to my needs?

Benefits based borrowing 2018 WF

Benefits based borrowing 2018 PDF


How can families who wish to buy a property for a disabled family member use housing benefit?

Buying to let to a relative 2018 WF

Buying to let to a relative 2018 PDF


How do I go about raising my own funds?

PR Plan Raising your own Funds 2018 WF

PR Plan Raising your own Funds 2018 PDF


Trusts and Foundations 2018 WF

Trusts and Foundations 2018 PDF


How can I build my own home?

Self Build Fact sheet 2018 WF

Self Build Fact sheet 2018 PDF


Military Matters Housing:

MM – Finding a home in Scotland as a member of the Armed Forces Community

What is an Occupational Therapist and what happens when I see one?

Occupationl Therapist factsheet


How can I give you feedback on your service?

Giving Us Feedback


An innovative home ownership scheme for disabled people:

*The Access Ownership Scheme is currently at capacity and Horizon HA now have a waiting list. For further information, please get in touch by clicking ‘Contact’ at the top of this page.

Access Ownership


Leaflets from other organisations:

This is an Age Scotland leaflet about Adapting your home:

Age Scotland Adapting your Home

A Home Ownership Service – For Disabled People And Their Families

Pagan Osborne Solicitors – Wills Factsheet

Pagan Osborne Solicitors – POA Factsheet

Pagan Osborne Solicitors – Trusts Factsheet

In Control Scotland – Self Directed Support 1

In Control Scotland – Self Directed Support 2