Graeme Revisited



Graeme explored his housing options with us 10 years ago.  He moved into a shared equity home using the LIFT Open Market Shared Equity Scheme.  You can read Graeme’s Story here: Graeme’s Story

We chatted to Christine, Graeme’s mum, to find out how things are going for Graeme now.  10 years on.

Christine, we’d love to hear how Graeme is getting on now.  Can you tell us a bit more about how he’s doing?

It is 10 years since Graeme moved into his flat, it has been a wonderful success, he has grown in confidence and ability with the help of Joan his support assistant.

Graeme’s life revolves round football and he volunteers helping the groundsman at Partick Thistle Football. His health including mental health, (he is bipolar and has a learning difficulty) has improved with the independence and happiness of his own space.

Graeme will spend Christmas with his family as always.

He recently had his 40th Birthday trip to Munich, to a Bayern Munich match with his Dad and brother, I think the photo says it all! 

I still after 10 years volunteer for HOS as I cannot thank them, in particular Moira, enough for the information which made it possible for Graeme to have independence, also the ongoing support and advice.

In the future I would like the government to properly support people with disabilities, with awards for LIFE to mean that and stop moving the goalposts.  The changes give unnecessary stress for them and their carers.