A day in the life of our Customer Communications Manager – Pedro Cameron

Housing Options / 2018 Photograph by Martin Shields  Tel 07572 457000 www.martinshields.com © Martin Shields

It’s time for another  ‘Day in the life’ interview with one of our team here at Housing Options Scotland.

In part 5 of this series, we have been speaking to our Customer Communications Manager, Pedro Cameron. lets see what he has to say:

1.What does a the communications manager for HOS do?

My job positions me as first port of call for all of our clients. I speak to new clients over the phone or by email and give them some initial advice, before encouraging and helping them to refer themselves to our service. I also process all referrals as they come in, to be allocated to our brokers, and also help our brokers to perform their duties.

2. What is your commute like in the morning?

I work afternoons after working for another third sector organisation in the mornings – so I have a nice long walk through Glasgow at lunchtime back to my desk at my home office!

3. What is the first thing you do when you get to your desk? Tell us about your workspace, is it tidy or messy?

I’ll check my to-do list from yesterday, add new tasks to it and then choose some music to work to! I like to keep my desk tidy – “tidy room, tidy mind” as they say!

4. What does agile working mean to you?

It’s great! I have a dog, Angus, who I don’t like to leave alone for long so it’s great to be able to have him with me. I’m also a musician and it means if that takes me elsewhere then I can work easily from wherever I am. As long as there is phone signal and wi-fi then I’m good to go!

5. How do you communicate with your colleagues?

We communicate via whatsapp, chatting on the phone and email. Despite us all working in different places, we communicate with each other very effectively and get to see each other at regular catch ups and team meetings.

6. What do you listen to at your desk? Or do you like silence and why?

I am always listening to music or podcasts or the radio – I can’t go a moment without listening to something, and I find it helps me concentrate.

7. What does a normal day look like for you?

My role is quite wide ranging – but usually I’ll be on the phone for much of the day to all sorts of different people and putting through new referrals. There’s no such thing as a “normal” day at HOS I don’t think!

8. What is your favourite thing to do for lunch when you are working?

As I only work in the afternoons, I’ve usually already taken the dog for a walk and had something to eat before I start.

9. What do you find most interesting about your job?

I love speaking to all different kinds of people and also learning about what is out there for people in terms of housing and support. Every week I seem to find out about a new service or charity out there!

10. Tell us one thing that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I’ve moved house 23 times in 30 years – so I know a little bit about moving property!

11. What is the best thing about working for Housing Options Scotland?

I love working for HOS for so many reasons, but the team are amazing to work with, and being able to help people in difficult situations makes it all worthwhile!