Abbeyfield Scotland has vacancies

AbbeyfieldAre you are over 55 and want to remain independent but can no longer stay at home? Abbeyfield Scotland provides supported accommodation in a small and family friendly environment for those who are not yet ready for a care or residential nursing home.

People living in Abbeyfield have said “I was reluctant to leave my own home at first and I certainly didn’t want to go into an “Old People’s Home” – Abbeyfield is nothing like that, you have your own space. We all enjoy coffee, activities and home cooked meals together”.

Abbeyfield is a really special place and it has been the perfect move for me.  Loneliness is such a debilitating thing but Abbeyfield offers a warm, friendly and secure environment that gives me peace of mind. I’m sure there must be others out there thinking about a move and looking for a bit of help. I’d urge them to find out more about what Abbeyfield has to offer.

Abbeyfield currently have vacancies in several of their properties across Scotland, click here to find out more: