Dogfish Dan’s Blog – Entry 23

Dogfish Dan is a HOS client who is hoping to move from Wales to Edinburgh to be near his two daughters and his grandchildren.  He’s keeping us up-to-date with his experiences via his blog…

Dogfish Dan’s Blog Entry 23 written on Sunday 19 November

field-picWell, I’m in Scotland, watching the Scotland/New Zealand rugby match on telly, so I’m getting in the right frame of mind for my move up here. Who shall I support, when the crunch matches come…Wales or Scotland?

Things have moved on awhile, and a suitable flat came up for sale last Friday. It passed its first inspection by my daughters, so I came up on Wednesday and checked it out.

Saturday 2 December

And by now, quite a bit more has happened…

I didn’t get the flat that I wanted, which would have been perfect, but hey ho, everyone tells me that something better is bound to come up. At the moment, I find that a bit hard to believe, but have got used to the idea.

I shall just keep my eye on EdIndex to rent, but also on the selling market, and do whatever I can to try to find a roof over my head within a reasonable distance of my daughters. I understand the Scottish system of ‘offers over…’ a little better now, I suppose, and have been assured by other homeowners that they had a number of disappointments before they were successful in buying somewhere. I have a solicitor up and ready to go, with all relevant paperwork in place, and am happy with my daughters judgement of what I would like.

I met my grandchildren from school, went to listen to some jazz, found out a little about which buses went where, had some good long chats with the girls, and am now absolutely convinced that I am doing the right thing.

I also had a delightful day attending the 20th Anniversary celebrations of Housing Options Scotland, so can now put faces to voices and email addresses. The whole event was marked by informal efficiency, which I have always felt is the hallmark of good organisation.

And so on we go, back here in the Welsh hills. A long standing friend of mine, from my days instructing for Outward Bound, is working on a project to put up a community shed where people can go and do what they do in sheds. The roof trusses are up, so I’m off for a visit.