Dogfish Dan’s Blog – Entry 22


Dogfish Dan is a HOS client who is hoping to move from Wales to Edinburgh to be near his two daughters and his grandchildren.  He’s keeping us up-to-date with his experiences via his blog…

Dogfish Dan’s Blog Entry 22 – written on Saturday 11th November

man-and-terriersRight, so the house owners are back, and it’s almost time for me to move on.

I’m staying here for another week, and then am visiting my daughters in Edinburgh for about 10 days. Whilst I’m there, I will actually get to meet some more Housing Options staff, instead of their being just telephone voices and email responders. On my return, I shall be moving into someone else’s house for the foreseeable future.

I have, however, just spotted a sheltered flat for sale which could suit me very well, so the girls are checking it out this weekend, and I could have some phone calls to make on Monday, depending on what they say. This could be quite exciting, but I hope I’m dealing a bit better with my emotions, having had a few ups and downs recently.

Two terriers arrived home, having been away for two months, causing Mr Hyde to immediately come out of hiding in my sweet little pussy cat friend. The first of it that I knew, was when I heard a terrified yelp from under the table. The nine month old pup, having initially been quite excited to be reacquainted with her friend was in rapid retreat, whilst Ella was giving her a series of lightening right hooks to her shiny black nose. Now, a few days later, a truce has been called, and I even spotted a very tentative nose to nose greeting yesterday. The cat has moved in on the dogs bed, and they have moved out, so a hierarchy has been established. Peace reigns…for now, at least.

And that’s it…a bit shorter than usual, but more sooooon.