Micro-volunteering – Could it be for you?


We’re talking to Danny, our micro-volunteer and Olivia, our housing options broker, to hear their experiences of micro-volunteering.

Danny is sharing his blog posts with us as a micro-volunteer…


sunset-from-the-living-room-windowMy micro volunteering is for an hour or two weekly on my IPad. At the table, in front of the fire, in bed, or whenever I like. I write about 300 words about my life during the past week, particularly with relevance to my anticipated move from rural Wales to Edinburgh, to be near my two daughters. I find a suitable photograph, and then leave everything overnight.The next day, I read & correct what I have written, & send it off to HOS.

I have done quite a few different things during my life…I started off as a bank clerk, then became a teacher, did some voluntary work in India, & then was an outdoor pursuits instructor for about 10 years.After that I became self employed, & did building & roofing work, before dealing in architectural antiques & running an antiques centre. When trade lapsed some years ago, I moved into community development, finally retiring when I was 67.

danny-night-copy-2After retiring, I became involved with the U3A & other community groups, & set up a local jazz & blues organisation, so that eventually we were putting events on twice monthly. We also organised a couple of small festivals, & ran jazz workshops annually.

I am now homeless, in that I have sold my flat, & am living in a friends’ house feeding the chickens & cat, whilst he is away. (He does know!)

I am definitely getting something out of the experience, in that whilst I am hopefully helping others in a similar position, I am getting my worries off my chest, & looking objectively at my problems. I can see my next step forward more clearly, & am generally not too overwhelmed by my rather scary situation. I also have to see the funny side of things. (Essential!)

I would strongly recommend that anyone else considering volunteering with HOS or elsewhere should do so. Take care, however, not to take on too much so that it becomes a burden, & make sure that it is something that you are truly interested in.


Olivia, our housing options broker, tells us about her experience of micro-volunteering with a charity…



What were you doing? I helped to promote a charity event.

Can you tell us a bit more about the micro part? The ‘micro’ part was from me sharing Facebook posts from the charity.

How much time did you spend volunteering? Minimal – Sharing a post would take no longer than a minute!

What did you feel you got out of the experience? Happy to know that a little thing like sharing a post could have a big impact for the charity.

What would you say to anyone thinking of doing a little micro-volunteering at HOS or elsewhere? Micro-volunteering takes up very little of your time, but could make a big difference for the organisation you are helping. It’s definitely worthwhile!

If you’d like to join us as a micro-volunteer drop us an email at info@housingoptionsscotland.org.uk