Dogfish Dan’s blog – Entry 13



Dogfish Dan is a HOS client who is hoping to move from Wales to Edinburgh to be near his two daughters and his grandchildren.  He’s keeping us up-to-date with his experiences via his blog…

Dogfish Dan’s Blog Entry 13 – written on Tuesday 5th September

I called in at the solicitors earlier today, and yes, it looks as if the sale of my flat will pretty definitely go through at the end of next week. I’m not jumping up and down with joy yet, but… Nothing in EdIndex last weekend.

There is a saying in Welsh that old age does not come alone, and how true this is. I had been cleaning my specs constantly for a few days, thinking that they were dirty, when I realised that the blurred bit in the middle was in my eye, and not on the lens of my glasses. After a visit to the opticians, this was confirmed. I have branch retinal vein occlusion, which sounds rather scary. Now I await a call from the hospital to see a consultant. I won’t be able to drive home, so will have to arrange some form of transport. Buses would take all day here. The major problem is that I can’t play the trombone, (I have to blow rather hard at times) as that would put pressure on my eye. In fact that could be could mainly be a problem for other people, as I shall have to sing instead.

My new home is heaven on a sunny morning, I have been able to do my Yoga outside in the garden. Inside, I have been able to light a fire and snuggle down to write my diary, on a wet afternoon like today.

I really enjoyed last weekend … on Saturday I had a grand day out on the Welsh Highland Railway. When the sun shone, the views were wonderful, and the beer tasted amazing at the end of the run. And then my sister came over from Dublin and stayed the night. I rarely see her, so it was a real treat. We visited a neighbour and reminisced about our childhood spent in the heart of the Welsh hills.

The best thing, as a man, about being in someone else’s house when they’re not here, is that I can leave the toilet seat up!