Meet Mallory – our Summer Intern

A photo of Mallory


Where are you from?

I am originally from California, but I now live in Oregon.

What studies are you doing just now?

I am double majoring in Economics: Law & Public Policy and Public Health: Policy & Management.

What are you looking forward to about Scotland?

I am looking forward to seeing as many historical sites as I can while I am in Scotland. Living on the West coast of the United States provides only a small look into the past compared to the centuries of history in Scotland. I also am excited to visit the Highlands and explore the unparalleled scenery it has to show!

Is there anything you’re not so sure about? (We promise it doesn’t rain ALL the time!)

While many people have told me to expect plenty of rain, living in Oregon has prepared me well for drizzly weather. However, I am curious as to how different Scottish cuisine will be compared to what I typically eat at home. I love trying new food, and I am eager to try the traditional Scottish cuisine.

Is there any person / animal / favourite place you’re going to miss while you’re away?

I am going to miss my friends from college, my boyfriend, and my family. I will also miss my dog, Lizzie!

What are you hoping for at your time at HOS?  What will make you say – “Wow!, that was a real success!”

During my time at HOS, I hope to make strong connections with the HOS employees and have opportunities to meet constituents. There is no greater learning tool than to work alongside new people who have perspectives or backgrounds quite unlike my own. I also hope to have as much exposure and involvement in HOS policy for both external and internal issues. I have a passion for policy work, and I am thrilled to be able to gain new perspectives from another country.